The Bold Rabbit Universe

Pick your favorite way to join Bold Rabbit’s sci-fi adventures!

The Bold Rabbit Universe

Pick your favorite way to join Bold Rabbit’s

sci-fi adventures!

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About Neal

Call me Neal. I’ve had a creative fire burning inside my whole life. I drew comic strips as a kid and made my first short film in fifth grade. As an adult, I’ve written short stories and started two novels. I wrote and directed several short films and am editing my first feature film. I pushed through my fear of failure as I wrote the first two books in the Bold Rabbit Trilogy, sharing them with a devoted group of readers along the way. It’s a sci-fi adventure that I can’t wait to publish!

In my office

It took the love and financial support of my wife, Molly, to help me write full-time for the past three years. I wouldn’t be launching my author career without her, and I wouldn’t be mere months away from releasing Bold Rabbit (book one) and Bold Rabbit and the Bloodhound Gang (book two). Even sooner, I’ll be writing bi-weekly on Ream. After working a variety of jobs, including owning and running Buffalo Video with my friend Steve, writing full-time required major adjustments to my routine.

But I adapted, learning how to self-motivate as an author while writing and taking a deep dive into the business of self publishing. I’m preparing my manuscripts for a final readthrough before sending them to an editor. I’m also getting excited for the nitty-gritty of being an author. It’s all part of the dream that’s coming to fruition thanks to financial sacrifice and the encouragement of friends and family.

Fiscal responsibility, a commitment to being an author, and a commitment to my other business called Fly As A Kite (video and audio production, also with my friend Steve) are shaping my schedule to resemble life before my writing sabbatical. But now, writing and creativity are built in, and my time spent earning income also enhances my creative career. I finally feel at home in my working life.

Music and nature…

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